Something Interesting: Moscow 1953

I love historical pictures and movies. It drives the point home that life today is not that dissimilar from 50, even 100 years ago. This one comes to us from Moscow -1953.

This video is from the archive of Major Martin Manhoff, a US embassy official in the USSR who was expelled for spying, have been released, providing a look at Moscow from an era when the Iron Curtain was at its most impenetrable. Continue reading

Netanyahu to Putin: Go Pound Sand

Apparently the coolest thing to do now, if you are a sovereign country, is bomb Syria.

Which makes one wonder. Is the battle of Armagedon (modern Syria) prophesied in the Bible is about to begin. After all, all the nations are indeed gathering there. Russia, the US/EU (NATO), Israel, Iran, Turkey, most of the Middle Eastern nations, etc…..

Makes you wonder as …… Continue reading

What You Ought To Know About Today’s Sell-Off

The stock market is finally waking up to what we have been talking about on this blog for at least a few months. Most notably, the fact that President Trump will have a very difficult time getting his agenda through. In particular, his tax plan.

We have decided to compile our previous articles, in addition to a few other data points, in order to give you a better understanding of what to expect going forward Continue reading

The Future Of Travel – Update

This first capsule, set to be officially unveiled in 2018, is “the culmination of over three years and thousands of hours of design, research, and analysis”, say HTT

The proposed pod will be able to hold 28-40 passengers and will zoom along the track at 760 mph, if hyperloop ever fully takes off, HTT claims. Continue reading

Facebook Will Defeat Terrorism

Well, at least I had a good laugh reading this nonsense…..

I have a suggestion that might actually work when it comes to fighting terrorism. First, the US/NATO need to stop bombing the Middle East. Second, they need to stop financing and giving weapons to “moderate freedom fighters” – aka Al-Qaeda. Finally and perhaps most importantly, delete your Facebook account.

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Hey Trump, “Ryancare” Is A Piece Of Shit – We Are All Watching

We have been early supporters of Mr. Trump. We even predicted that he would win the Presidency almost a year ago, at the time when no one would even give him a fighting chance. InvestWithAlex Predicts: Donald Trump Will Be The Next President

In one of his primary campaign promises Mr. Trump told Americans that he would “repeal and replace” Obamacare with something infinitely better. Today was a low point…..

NO, President Trump. You risk losing your seat and any remaining credibility you might have. You are trying to pass a piece of shit legislation that is best described by the cartoons below……

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Infrastructure ETFs Not Buying Trump’s Promises

Phenomenal tax cuts, deregulation, Obamacare repeal and big infrastructure spending. That was Mr. Trump’s Presidential campaign in a nutshell.

Yesterday we wrote about the chances of Ryancare, or whatever it is called, passing on Thursday. You can read more here Rand Paul Believes “Ryan Care” Will Fail

If they can’t pass it, Trump’s tax plan is in jeopardy. Continue reading

Did Apple’s Innovative Drive Die With Steve Jobs?

Really Apple (AAPL)…….augmented reality……is that the best you can do???

We are not believers and neither is the stock market. Despite Apple putting in a new all time high today, it remains just about where it was two years ago. Perhaps putting in an important long-term double top formation. Continue reading

The Dow Theory Flashes An Early Warning Sign?

At least for the time being the Dow Theory followers have nothing to worry about. Both the Transports and Industrials are confirming the bull market by breaking out above previous highs. After giving a false bear market positive early last year.

However, if history is any guide, there might be a big problem ahead. As the chart above suggests…… Continue reading

Merkel Is Stunned As Trump Refuses To Finance Germany’s Second Run At Stalingrad

Can we all have a round of applause for President Trump?

As NATO troops continue to amass on the Russian border, just as their Nazi counterparts did in 1941- “British troops join showdown against Vladimir Putin as they travel to the frontline in Russia” , president Trump delivered a clear message.

Not With Our Money. 

Understandably, that left quite a few European and American warmongers angry. Continue reading