***Here Are The Benefits***


  • Find out exactly when the war will start and why it will be a nuclear war. Plus, gain an in depth look into my stock market cycle work with access to a free copy of my book Timed Value. Currently being sold on Amazon for $49. Basically, this work will explain why the war is unavoidable at this point. 
  • Benefit from DAILY preparation analysis from Alex Dvorkin as we get closer to the  war. Everything from recent macro economic developments to geopolitical red flags to what you should be doing now to prepare. The closer we get the more evident the war will become.
  • Benefit financially and significantly from our spartan army recruitment system - learn more inside.
  • Daily discussions of what you should be doing now to prepare for NWW3. Are you on schedule? 
  • Learn What You Can Do Today To Protect/Save Your Family And Yourself.  
  • Forums, Comments & Internal Social Media Interaction. Interact and develop relationships with other spartan soldiers. Discussing everything from locational arrangements to the tools you will need. It is always easier and more fun to prepare together. 
  • Become a part of a powerful force that is Spartan Army.
  • Have access to exclusive products necessary for survival (coming soon).
  • Benefit From The Trade of A Lifetime. It will allow you to become incredibly wealthy as the war starts. (more information inside).


Most importantly your membership assures.....


You and your family's survival before, during and after the war - financial and otherwise.


The cost of joining the Spartan Army is just $29 a month. We suggest you pay for the first month and see if our system works for you. If not, cancel at any time and walk away. No questions asked. At the very least you will walk away with a treasure trove of information about exactly when the war will start and what you should do now to prepare.


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