And YES, At The Risk Of Sounding Over-Dramatic.....


Most Of The Humanity Alive Today


Including The People You Love The Most


Will Soon Disappear In Flames Of A Nuclear War


Luckily.....We Know Exactly WHEN This War Will Start


Unfortunately, The TIME To Prepare Is Quickly Running Out



Don’t Let This Terrible War Destroy You, Your Family


And Everything You Have Worked So Hard For




Survive & Prosper






Yes, this report should come with its own warning label. The subject matter discussed here is beyond hard to swallow. For most people. Try telling parents that their kids only have XX-XX years to enjoy life before their world is turned into a literal hell and you will get a death stare of a thousand knifes. Try telling Christians that there will be no Rapture before the gates of hell open up and they will curse your soul to ten thousand years of fiery hell.  Try telling religious leaders and scholars that the final war will NOT originate in or around Israel and they will laugh at you. Finally, try telling the rest of the populous that the war is coming and they will immediately dismiss you as one of those "The End Is Near" crazy sign holders with a free WI-FI connection. 



Nevertheless, I have to do this in order to save the very few who will pay attention.   For others, I have a quick message. If you are closed minded enough to dismiss the message here purely on religious grounds or from a vantage point of sheer terror, I demand that you close this window now.  There is no point in you reading any further. I assure you, it will bring nothing but frustration and anger into your life. 


In essence, I have no desire to argue with people about the validity of my forecasts. My work speaks for itself and I hope you will see that throughout the book.  Finally, before you assume that I am sort of a doomsayer seeking to build some sort of a cult following, understand something very important. I am a very well to do and generally very happy. I do not have any interest in doom and gloom, I am simply reporting what my work indicates. 


Now, let me get straight to the point. My stock market and war cycle mathematical/timing work is crystal clear. Thermonuclear World War 3 is indeed coming very soon. And it WILL be catastrophic for all of humanity. 


Luckily for you….


We know the exact date of when this unforgiving war will start. Unfortunately, the TIME to prepare is quickly running out. 


Please Join Our Spartan Army Below To Get The Exact Date





We understand how this sounds, “The End Is Near”, but we are indeed dead serious.


The Bible Calls This Period Armageddon



If our calculations are correct, half of the world's population (3-4 Billion People) will die within the first 10 days from the direct impact of nuclear weapons. The rest will suffer immensely.  Fortunately or unfortunately we know exactly when this period starts.


However, surviving the war is just half the battle as it gets worse….a lot worse.


I am sure you have heard of Four Horseman of the Apocalypse described in the Book of Revelation.


  • War, Famine, Disease and Death.


Well, those who are lucky or unlucky enough (depending on your definition) to survive the nuclear exchange will suffer greatly as society deteriorates and disease, violence and famine take hold.


When it is all said and done the world we live in today will be depopulated and very few people, let alone families, will survive. Once again, don’t let that happen to you.





Again, I am about as serious about all of this as anyone can get. Let me give you an example. As 2001 started, the USA was not involved in any sort of a major conflict. Yet, a *minor war cycle was approaching.  This cycle was suggesting that a significant, but a *minor war would start. By the way, all wars can be explained by these minor and major war cycles. 


*Minor War: Low casualty count based on the percentage of the population within country at the time (in this particular case it applies to the US war casualties only). This cycle work is described fully in our book.


Meaning, the overall USA death tall would be low.


The exact arrival of this war cycle was in May of 2001. Just FOUR months shy of September 11th, 2001 and the start of Iraq/Afghanistan/Terror wars.


In other words, scary accurate.


This war on terror is,  more or less, still going on with the following results. Thus far, 4,486 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq and 2,345 U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan.


As unfortunate as the casualty count above is, close to 7,000 Americans, it is tiny when based on the total population of 320 Million. To be exact that number is 0.002%.


And this is where it gets interesting. The next time this now MAJOR WAR cycle arrives it forecasts something horrific. It projects a nearly extinction level event. Simply put, the upcoming nuclear war will come out of nowhere and devastate the world.


This is also why you shouldn't pay attention to the current North Korea/USA (Trump Vs. Kim) Nuclear War Talk. My work cycle projects that nothing will come out of it.


Having said that, the TIME to prepare for the Thermonuclear World war 3 is NOW.




Actually, no one will see it coming.


Our mathematical work shows that the period of time directly preceding the war is the one of prosperity. Our stock market work suggests stocks will be hitting all time highs right before the war starts (one clue) only to collapse a few days later.  For most people the society we live in today will fall apart in a matter of weeks, if not days.


In fact, it will be a day like any other.  You might be driving your kids to school or going to the office, meeting a friend for lunch and/or attending a class when all of the sudden the world we all know will disappear into chaos of a nuclear war.


The good news is.....


  1. We know exactly when this war will break out.
  2. There is still time to prepare, but you MUST act NOW.


If you are like most folks out there today you probably believe that a threat of a nuclear war is very low right now.


And here is why you, and everyone else, are dead wrong.


The world has already come within seconds/minutes of a mutual destruction at least three times over the last 50 years. And those are the stories we know of in the public domain. Let’s take a look at just one of these fascinating tales……

On September 26th, 1983, the Soviet Union's early-warning system detected an incoming ballistic missile launch from the United States. At the time computer readouts suggested that no less than five ICBM's have been launched by the Americans.  The Russian response should have been clear.  "Dead Hand" protocol instructs Russian military forces to retaliate immediately with an all out nuclear attack of their own.

Yet, the officer of duty, Stanislav Petrov, whose job it was to register apparent enemy missile launches, decided not to report them to his superiors. Instead, dismissing them as a false alarm in what was a major breach of his orders and a dereliction of his duty.

"I had all the data showing an ongoing missile attack. If I had sent my report up the chain of command, nobody would have said a word against it. The siren howled, but I just sat there for a few seconds, staring at the big, back-lit, red screen with the word 'launch' on it.  A minute later the siren went off again. The second missile was launched. Then the third, and the fourth, and the fifth. Computers changed their alerts from 'launch' to 'missile strike'. All I had to do was to reach for the phone; to raise the direct line to our top commanders - but I couldn't move. I felt like I was sitting on a hot frying pan" he told the BBC 30 years later.

The system was clear in showing him the "highest" level of alert and there should not have been a doubt that Americans had launched an attack. A quick report up the chain of the command and a push of a few buttons is all that stood in a way of an all out Nuclear War. Subsequent investigation showed that if he was to pick up the phone and present his data, a duty he was required to do, a retaliatory strike would have been immediately approved by the chain of command.  Anyone else in his seat would have followed directions.  Yet, for some unknown reason Mr. Pertrov did not, saving the world in the process.

One simple mistake, one miscommunication, one shot, one dirty look, one wrong word, one loss of communication, one lost nerve or one person buckling under an immense amount of pressure is all that stood between peace and an all out nuclear war on quite a few occasions.


Will we be as lucky next time?


Our mathematical and timing work is absolutely clear in that regard. The answer is a cold and hard to swallow NO.






Now, before you assume that I am sort of a doomsdayer seeking to build some sort of a cult following, understand something very important. I am a very well to do and generally very happy. I do not have any interest in doom and gloom, I am simply reporting what my work indicates.

My name is Alex Dvorkin and I am a hedge fund manager, mostly managing my own money, as well as the person behind the body of work presented on this site and www.InvestWithAlex.com


If you wish, you can learn much more about me by Clicking Here.


At the end of the day who I am is not necessarily important. However,  my research into the stock market IS indeed the key. In short, my cycle work allows me to predict the stock market with incredible accuracy, sometimes to the hour.


More importantly, this same CYCLE TIMING work can be applied to many aspects of our 3-Dimensional existence. Including WARS. When properly applied, war forecasting becomes somewhat easy, incredibly accurate and at the same time scary. Please continue reading below to ascertain more information about my work and how it is used to predict the exact start of a Thermonuclear World War 3.





Report Summary: The war will be fought between

  • Coalition of NATO Members and
  • Russia/China Alliance


These parties will NUKE most of the world and each other back to the Stone Age.




My study shows that the weapon that were "brand new" at the preceding war cycle are used on a massive scale when the next war arrives. For instance, machine guns (Gatling Gun) were first introduced during the Civil War in 1861. Subsequently, they were used in World War I and II on a massive scale, inflicting a devastating casualty count.




As you know, the first Atomic Bomb (Little Boy) was used by the US on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Followed by Nagasaki on August 9th. If we take our war cycle from those dates it will bring us into a period of time when nuclear weapons are used again. This time on a global scale.






I first became aware of the subject matter at hand during my research and analysis of future stock market cycles. After years of work with cycles and getting a fairly good understanding of the stock market composition (giving me the ability to predict the stock market with incredible accuracy) I came across something that puzzled me. When I got into the year 20XX something crazy happened.


After a strong run up (due to inflation, not fundamentals) the stock market proceeded to collapse to the tune of 90-95% within a 2 weeks time frame. At first, I thought that I got some of my calculations wrong, but after some verification my original work was confirmed. Which brought out an incredibly important question.


What can collapse the Dow Jones 90-95% within a two week period of time?



I knew that it had to be something big. Such drops are unprecedented in the history of the stock market. As a matter of fact, it had never happened before. Even the 1929-32 collapse of 90% took 3 years to play out. So, what the hell could cause such a meltdown?


Sure, a natural catastrophe, an earthquake, giant tidal wave, meteor strikes, etc....are all a possibility. However, we are not talking about a specific region. We are talking about the entire stock market which represents every corner of Americana and the world as a whole.  Some sort of a war is always a possibility, but for the market to collapse to such an extent so rapidly, it would have to be a nuclear war.


Is that even possible in today's world?


I had to find an answer and so began my research into the subject matter. Using the same cyclical analysis I use for the stock market work, it wasn't long before I found my answers. What I found shocked me to the core. The nuclear war is indeed coming. It will be fought between 20XX-20XX and it will literally destroy the world and impact every human being on the face of the Earth, one way or another.  What I find fascinating, is that today's macroeconomic and geopolitical developments are already lining up for what is to come.










This section and our stock market work, the work that leads to this terrible forecast is described in great detail in our book, but here is a rather quick summary.


Predicting the future is a dirty and thankless job.  Anyone who participates in financial markets knows this fact a little too well.  Make enough predictions and sooner, rather than later, Mr. Market will make you look like an absolute fool. In addition, the public dismisses most forecasters and fortune tellers as charlatans. Even if their forecasts or predictions do come to a fruition, there are rarely any accolades for being right.  Well, at least outside of making a large fortune in the stock market.


That being the case, we  did have a number of prophet superstars throughout human history.  People like Michel de Nosterdame and his now famous quatrains, the prophecies of Ezekiel, Oracles of Appolo at Delphy and clairvoyants such as Edgar Cayce. Even Sir Isaac Newton spent 90% of his time on studying occult sciences and the bible in an attempt to predict the future. While there have been many other, the above mentioned psychics have been able to make a successful transition into the very psyche of our existence. An honor reserved for a very few.  Which brings us to an important question.


Is it even possible to predict the future?


Based on my experience and my understanding, the answer is the most definite YES.  Now, before we go any further we must have a clear understanding of one critically important concept.  That concept is TIME.  After all, it is a complex topic that strikes at the very heart of having the ability to predict the future.



With libraries full of philosophy and physics books defining TIME in a million different ways, for our purposes, we must ascertain if time is linear or cyclical.  If time is linear, moving from point A to point B, it becomes impossible to predict the future. Yet, if time moves in a cyclical fashion,  prediction becomes possible.  Which one is it?


Well, nature provides us with a perfect answer. If we study our nature or our 3-Dimensional world we soon realize that nothing in nature is linear. From the galaxies around us to the individual atoms, from our solar system to the ocean waves, even our own lives, everything moves in a cyclical fashion. Everything in our world exists at a certain rate of vibration.  For instance, individuals are born, they grow up, they mature, they decay and then they die. The cycle is now complete.


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration..."

-Nikola Tesla


Since everything in nature is cyclical and vibrates at its own frequency, we can assume that time does as well.  A premise I will prove in this book without a shadow of a doubt. If true, it open up a new dimension in trying to understand the world we live in. For instance, it would mean that all wars, most significant events, the stock market and even the composition of your own life moves in well defined time cycles.


When it comes to predicting the future, there are only two ways to gain access and/or the ability to do so.  The first has to do with gaining access to the higher dimension of our universal architecture or gaining some sort of a clairvoyant power. While this is an extremely powerful method used by most of the psychics mentioned above, it is an awfully difficult skill to develop.


In a nutshell, either through extensive meditation or through the ability to shift into the higher state of consciousness (aka...various stages of enlightenment), an individual is then able to make a quantum jump into the higher dimension of existence.   It is in that dimension that all information, including the future, becomes available. While a fascinating topic, it is outside the scope of this book.


The second way to look at the subject matter is to study the time cycles through the use of mathematics. If time is cyclical and the time cycles tend to repeat over time, then it should be possible to determine their sequencing or their rate of vibration in order to gain the ability to predict the future. That is exactly what ancient Babylonians, Hebrews and Mayans were doing. It was the cornerstone, the very foundation of their entire civilizations. That's how important it was to them.



Today, we have an amazing tool that gives us an ability to study these time cycles on a daily basis. A tool that our ancestors could only dream of.  For them it was a matter of trying to pick out these time cycles through the use of acute observation and keeping exact historical records.  Sometimes taking multiple generations just to pick out one simple cycle of famine or war.  Luckily for us, we no longer have to wait for the next famine to show up.


So, what is that tool?


The stock market. It is the only thing in existence that records the totality of human emotions on the daily basis and presents its findings in an easy to read chart. As the stock market oscillates, up and down over time, it presents us with everything we need to know in order to study the time cycles. Wars, panics, periods of growth and economic depression, natural disasters, assassinations, political struggles, etc.... Everything.   It is through the study of the stock market that we are able to pick out such time cycles and examine them in greater detail.


Giving us the ability to pin point the start of the Nuclear World War 3 in the process.


Once the stock market structure is understood in its entirety,  the market or individual stocks can be timed with great precision. Not by some arbitrary technique that cannot be replicated, but through the use of modern science and mathematics. Math doesn't lie and when the market turns/reverses at exact mathematical points of force, only one explanation remains. The market is not a randomly volatile instrument, but a mathematically precise tool that baffles the mind.


What does that have to do with predicting the future?....... Everything.


Again, if one can predict the future movements of stocks, one should also able to use the same mathematical knowledge to predict the future of our everyday lives. As above, so is below. In other words, the same TIME cycles that apply to the stock market can be applied towards predicting everything else. Everything from major disasters to major events in our own lives, from major political changes to wars.  Once you understand that, predicting the future becomes a whole lot easier.


Now, I know what you are thinking.  The future is impossible to predict, we do not live in a "predetermined" world and the very notion of living in such a "pre-programmed" world is ludicrous.....everyone knows that.  Well, do they? Do I really have to remind you that just 500 years ago 99.9% of the Earth's population believed that  A. The Earth was flat and B. The Earth was the center of the Universe. And if you were to suggest otherwise you would be called a heretic and grilled at the stake.


Point being, when it comes to understanding the world we live and/or the multi-dimensional architecture behind our 3-Dimensional reality, the human race has not even started its ascend. We act as children in a pitch black room, groping everything and understanding nothing. And instead of arguing this point further I will leave you with a quote from someone who has a little bit more credibility and a lot more intelligence. Someone who is basically telling you the same thing.


God does not play dice with the universe.
Albert Einstein





Once again, I will not sugarcoat any of this for you....


A horrific, bloody and life ending nuclear holocaust is just around the corner.


The TIME to start your preparations is NOW. As the Bible so graciously reminds us…..


Ezekiel 38:7 - "Be prepared, and prepare yourself, you and all your companies that are assembled about you, and be a guard for them".

And again…..

Psalm 23:5 - "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows".

And again…..

Exodus 23:20 - "Behold, I am going to send an angel before you to guard you along the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared".


You get the idea……


If you start your preparations now, you will be in a really good position when the war starts. Not only in terms of your location, but in terms of fully protecting your family’s safety, financial prosperity and otherwise. If anyone will have a chance of surviving the apocalypse without too much suffering, it would be you, your family and other members of the Spartan Army.


And don't worry, we will be with you every step of the way to make sure that happens.



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Most importantly....your membership assures.....


You and your family's survival before, during and after the war - financial and otherwise.


The cost of joining the Spartan Army is just $29 a month. We suggest you pay for the first month and see if our system works for you. If not, cancel at any time and walk away. No questions asked. At the very least you will walk away with a treasure trove of information about exactly when the war will start and what you should do now to prepare.


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My guarantee is rather simple. If the Nuclear War that will wipe out most of humanity doesn’t start within a specified
period, contact me and I will refund your money in full. I believe that clearly shows just how confident I am in my work.




I did my own research into your cycle work Alex and I am amazed….For example, I ran your war cycle from the exact start of another famous war and I ended up in 2001 or right before September 11th.  This is truly unsettling. Thank you for bringing this information into the mainstream and for offering your service. I would truly be lost without it, what to do next and how to prepare. I do pray every day that you are wrong, but I am preparing for the worst.  - Dimitri Okulich, Canada


I am subscriber to both of your services and I am literally freaking out.  If your war cycle forecast is as accurate as your stock market work, we're all doomed. - Mark Stevenson, USA 


I have been a student of prophecy for over two decades now. It has been made clear to me that most ancient cultures have talked about recent times as the end times. Many talk about a great war that will end ALL wars. With most prophecies describing unimaginable horrors and mass deaths. Something that I believe can only come from nuclear and/or chemical/bio warfare. The biggest issue with ancient prophecies is their lack of timing. 

I believe your work is my final piece of the puzzle. Now everything I have fits very nicely.  I must have checked my research a dozen times, but it is unfortunately true. I am now in full preparation mode to make sure my entire family (most importantly my son and daughter) survive. Thank you - Almahal Pasihul, Singapore





I know how the above looks and people quite often let me know. Here is a typical email I get once in a while

Fear-Mongering At It's Finest: Nothing but sensationalist fear-mongering. How you can publish this trash is beyond me. If it's good for anything it would be a good laugh because of how absolutely insane you are. Nuclear war will never happen. Now go breathe some fresh air and be nice.

On the flip side, pick any period throughout human history and you can very easily find a major screw up or two or three of when major war forewarnings where completely ignored by nearly everyone. Often leading to disastrous results.


For instance…… Pearl Harbor.

Do you own research, but many now unclassified documents suggest that quite a few analysts within the intelligence community and the US Government knew that an attack on Pearl Harbor was coming.  Hours, days and even weeks before Japanese bombs started raining on sleeping sailors below. Unfortunately, all those who have tried to warn back then were basically dismissed, even reprimanded.  

History is littered with such examples and cemeteries are overflowing with people who chose to ignore “outlandish or sensational” warnings.


Again, My Work Is Crystal Clear
Nuclear World War 3 Will Start Very Soon


Label me whatever you want or say what you will, but my work speaks for itself.  And I am on a singular mission now. To warn and to save as many people as I can.  Think about this in the following fashion.


If you join the Spartan Army and I am right, and I truly believe that my work is dead on, not only will you (and your family) survive the war, you will prosper.


Dismiss it and you better pray that my factual mathematical work is dead wrong. Because if it is indeed right and you ignore it, well, we can only pray that you are not impacted by the horrors of the upcoming war.


The choice, as always, is yours.






I am sure you have heard of a Nuclear Scare Incident that has sent Hawaii into a frenzy on January 13th, 2018. If you are not familiar, just Google “Hawaii’s Nuclear Scare January 13th, 2018” and read on.


To very quickly summarize, Hawaiian residents received an accidental message on the morning of January 13th, 2018, telling them to brace for an incoming nuclear attack. Understandably, that warning sent most of the State’s residents into panic. Running onto the streets, screaming, crying and praying. Even dumping their own children into storm drains……



If anything, the above incident showed just how unprepared most citizens will be when the actual war starts. Plus, it confirms the premise above of how quickly it will develop. Don’t be like the idiots above dumping their children into the storm drains and hoping they would survive (they wouldn’t). Instead, join the Spartan Army today and be fully prepared when the actual war starts.


Not only prepare, but Survive & Prosper......