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Unfortunately, the world we all know is about to end. And we mean literally, not figuratively. Our proprietary TIMING & Mathematical work is crystal clear. Nuclear World War 3 will start in 2028. When over, human race as we know it today will be wiped off the face of the Earth.  To see our complete research and why......

Nuclear World War 3 Is Coming Soon.

When, How & Why (Full Report)


As our report above describes, there is absolutely no way to avoid this "Final War". More importantly, we believe the society we live in today is very sick and not worth saving. 

YES!!! - Today's society is based on greed, individual ego, all too powerful governments and for profit warfare. Mostly due to the military industrial complex, governments and religious organizations around the world separating us instead of unifying us. Once again.....


This Unfortunate Environment Cannot Be Changed At This Time

Nuclear World War 3 Is Now Unavoidable


As a result, Spartan Army's current efforts are as follows......

  1. To wage "Interactive Media" war against the establishment.
  2. To have fun at this stage of the process while pointing out, to future generation, who is responsible for the upcoming war. World governments and bureaucrats, military industrial complex, the FED and their never ending financial Ponzi schemes, corporate media, the establishment, etc…. Perhaps the mistakes of today will not be repeated by these future generations.
  3. Survival before, during after the war. Family, financial and otherwise.
  4. Most importantly, we would like to build a better society on the other side of this “Final War”. A society that is based on higher levels of consciousness and goodwill instead of higher levels of greed, ego and narcissism.

Perhaps the above sounds a little bit naive and even "Looney", yet, we believe this very organization will be able to establish the new world order. An order that hopes to benefit future generation and humanity for thousands of years to come.


Most Importantly.....


We seek and offer protection to those who are willing to join our ranks.  Make NO mistake, most of humanity will vanish when this "Final War" hits. We will work hard, as a community and army, to make sure that doesn't happen to us, our families and our wealth. Spartan Army seeks to unite, to be the shining light in the sea of darkness.


Join Our Worldwide Spartan Army Today

Why you should join the Spartan Army today.....

  • Become an important part of a historic and powerful movement. First ever worldwide digital army.
  • Join our community of like minded individuals who despise "The Establishment".
  • Help us wage an "Interactive Media War" on the said establishment.
  • Protect and survive the "Final War". Learn how you can best insulate your family and yourself from the upcoming bloodbath. Financial, real life war and otherwise. Prepare and prosper - ignore and vanish.
  • Complete fun missions, recruit, make money and even organize your own local battalions/legions (coming soon).
  • And much more.....


Cretins Of The Establishment Will Soon Destroy Everything We Love

But Before They Do.......

It Is Our God Given Right & Duty To Give Them Hell