Doug Kass: Only ‘Blind Faith’ Could Cause Me to Be Long This Market

For the markets to mount any positive return going forward, it can be argued that nearly everything must go right from now on. With valuations elevated on an historic basis, optimal outcomes must be achieved.

We have held the same view for quite some time now. ……………. Continue reading

Find Out Why The “Jay Z” Indicator Is Flashing A Panic SELL Signal

How do you know it is time to get out? 

Well, in 1929 shoe shine boys were telling you what stocks to buy. In 2000 it was the sock puppet singing about irrelevant revenue/profitability and in 2007 it was Sussan. God bless her heart Sussan, telling John about a special listing. I am sorry, but this never gets old. 

Well, 2017 just might be the year of Jay Z………….. Continue reading

What Can California Drought Teach Up About Today’s Stock Market?

Human beings are simple animals. They tend to take an existing environment and project it well into the future.

Just a year ago California was in a midst of a 5-6 year severe drought. Many global warming proponents at the time were screaming their heads off and forecasting that California will turn into a potato chip. Probably before a massive San Andrea’s quake sends it sliding into the Pacific…… Continue reading

Fascinating: Multiple Earth-Like Planets Found

Human mind fails to even begin to comprehend how vast our universe is. And we are only talking about our “physical” reality. Throw in multiple dimensions and our world truly takes an infinite shape.

To suggest that only Earth can sustain life is not only idiotic, it is downright crazy. At the end of the day our Universe is home to millions, if not billions, of Earth-like planets.

Nevertheless, I find this fascinating.

Seven Earth-Like Planets Orbit One Nearby Star……….. Continue reading

Buffett & Gates Love Affair

Warren Buffett & Bill Gates At Columbia University – January 2017.Discussing the hopes of our Future and Answering Q&A’s from the Students at Columbia University.Warren Buffett and Bill Gates discuss about Dreams,Vaccines and Immigration.Warren Buffett And Bill Gates In a Conversation with Charlie Rose. Definitely worth an hour or so of your time.

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Putin: The Richest Of Them All?

By the time John D. Rockefeller died in 1937, his assets equaled 1.5% of America’s total economic output. To control an equivalent share today would require a net worth of about $340 billion dollars, more than four times that of Bill Gates, currently the world’s richest man.

Well, according to some people Bill Gates is not the richest man on this rock. Vladimir Putin is. …………. Continue reading

Powerful Trump Speech Shocks The U.N. To Its Very Core

The newly minted U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley delivered such a powerful speech that it is likely to go down in history book. If nothing else, it is about time someone straightens this ship of outright corruption or sinks it to the bottom of the ocean. Personally, I prefer the latter.

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