Why Trump’s Tax Cut Bill Is Now A Legislative Impossibility

While the stock market believes it will get its 15% tax rate, in our view, the chances of that happening are slim to none. In fact, we believe there is a higher chance of Kim Jong-un disarming while crying “I am sorry” than this tax cut passing through the Capital Hill. Continue reading

Trump NAFTA Lunacy In Hyperdrive

Fair enough, but I will say this. If you study financial history you come to realize that the Great Depression and stock market meltdown of the 1929 were caused by trade wars and insane valuation levels.

Is history repeating itself here?

Well, interestingly enough the S&P Shiller P/E at 1929 top was 29.55. Today it is 29.33. Plus, Mr. Trump is itching to start as many trade wars as possible. An Angry Canada Responds To Trump’s Lumber Tariff… And What It Means For The Economy Continue reading

Real Estate Bubble Update – Straight Outta Compton

One gut check that you need to do when markets reach this fever pitch in mania, is simply look at the product. People get fully disconnected from value and simply assume that every crap shack is going to sell because every single second a sucker is bred into our economy. There is now a blind consensus that prices will not drop. And if they drop, it will be a tiny drop. Continue reading

What Happens When Two Retarded Kids Play With Their Toys

Kim prepares for war: North Korean leader takes the salute as his army fires rockets and torpedoes at mock enemy warships during country’s ‘largest ever’ live-fire artillery drills

Wow, that’s pretty cool. I guess Kim is getting ready to meet that extraction “Seal Team 6” with open arms. Your move Donald…….

US launches Minuteman III ICBM to show ‘nuclear capabilities’ amid N. Korea tensions

Great, its good to know that American ICBMs still work and can fly.

Now, it gets worse.

Thanks for bringing back “Duck & Cover” Donald.

Stupidity knows no bounds!!! Continue reading

Amazing!!! An Artificial Womb Successfully Grew Baby Sheep

And humans could be next 

The lambs spent four weeks in the external wombs and seemed to develop normally

Inside what look like oversized ziplock bags strewn with tubes of blood and fluid, eight fetal lambs continued to develop — much like they would have inside their mothers. Over four weeks, their lungs and brains grew, they sprouted wool, opened their eyes, wriggled around, and learned to swallow, according to a new study that takes the first step toward an artificial womb. One day, this device could help to bring premature human babies to term outside the uterus — but right now, it has only been tested on sheep…………..

Continue reading

Even Hard-Core Supporters Are Now Dumping Trump

After first predicting his win about a year ago and letting quite a bit of controversial stuff slide over the last few months, my support for President Trump came to an abrupt end when he decided to bomb Syria.

That night he became the very thing he campaigned against.

I was quite surprised that most of Trump supporters stayed with him. Somehow trying to justify Syria, MOAB in Afghanistan and threat of a nuclear war with Russia/N.Korea. Well, it appears that support is beginning to turn on Mr. Trump as well. Thanks to the beautiful Wall and upcoming tax disasters. Continue reading

Some South Koreans Don’t Want To Die For Uncle Trump

Yeah, the explanation above of what is really going on with North Korea is just about as accurate as any other. Some South Koreans are on to it as they refuse to die in a nuclear Holocaust for uncle Trump.

US THAAD anti-missile deployment in S. Korea sparks clashes between locals & police

The US military has moved elements of the THAAD anti-missile complex to its deployment site in South Korea, causing anger and discontent among the locals, some of whom reportedly clashed with police guarding the convoy.

Residents of Seongju county in South Korea clashed with police after US personnel moved the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system onto a golf course in Seongju, North Gyeongsang Province.

THAAD is an advanced system designed to intercept short, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles during their terminal flight phase. Equipped with long-range radar, it is believed to be capable of intercepting North Korea’s intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

In reality no one really knows what North Korean capabilities are. If I was living in South Korea I would definitely not be putting my faith in THAAD. I would be getting the hell out or at the very least be looking up the nearest nuclear shelter.

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David Einhorn: We Have Seen This Before

The bulls explain that traditional valuation metrics no longer apply to certain stocks. The longs are confident that everyone else who holds these stocks understands the dynamic and won’t sell either. With holders reluctant to sell, the stocks can only go up – seemingly to infinity and beyond. We have seen this before. Continue reading

Dow Futures Gap Up For The Second Day In The Row

Most indices will open with substantial gap ups. Volatility with substantial gap downs and near historic lows.

Once again, while the bulls are celebrating for the time being, this is not necessarily a good sign. These gaps have the appearance of exhaustion gaps. The market will have to close them sooner rather than later. Invest accordingly. Continue reading

Putin’s Monster New Sub Can Wipe Out Half The US – Maybe More

Meet Belgorod. Russia’s new monster sub.

Russia unveils world’s BIGGEST ever nuclear submarine

Moscow’s seapower is set to expand as navy bosses revealed Project 09852 – which is primed to be the biggest nuclear-powered sub on Earth.

The vessel – known as Belgorod – would be nearly 200-metres long and would be tasked with deep-sea exploration in the Arctic.

Putin’s new 184-metre sub will be based around the unfinished Antey-class missile strike carrier vessel developed by the Soviet Union.

In other words, load it up with nuclear warheads and you can kiss the Earth goodbye.

If you think this is exciting, think again…….

The world continues to arm itself to the teeth as WW3 comes closer with each passing day. Nuclear World War 3 Is Coming Soon.When, How & Why (Full Report) Continue reading