USGS Study: MAJOR Earthquake To Hit Southern California

Posted by on March 8, 2017 12:09 am
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It has been nearly twenty years since I took a natural disasters class at my California University, but I do remember it as if it was yesterday. There is a major and recently discovered active fault line that runs right underneath downtown Los Angeles. It is an offshoot of off San Andreas Fault and it is is overdue for a massive quake. Should it rapture, it will absolutely devastate Los Angeles. Get this.....

‘No getting out of this’: Major earthquake ‘certain’ to hit Southern California, study says

It is simply a matter of time before a major earthquake hits Southern California, according to a new study by the US Geological Survey (USGS), which examined patterns of historic quakes. The only question is how long it will be before the ‘Big One’ strikes.

The study – the most extensive of its kind – examined a section of the San Andreas fault that runs along Interstate 5, near Frazier Mountain in northeast Kern County.

“One of the reasons why this location is of importance is because in Southern California, the Big Bend, Carrizo, and Mojave sections of the San Andreas Fault accommodate 50-70% of plate motion. This means that the seismic hazard is high,” according to Temblor.

We wrote about this last year as well when a number of powerful earthquakes took place along the "Ring of Fire". Here is what we said at that time.

A few weeks ago we discussed the possibility of a large earthquake somewhere along the west coast Should West Coast Residents Be Worried? It appears I am not the only person thinking this.

A top seismology expert this week reminded Southern California that a major earthquake on the southern San Andreas fault is long overdue. A magnitude-8 earthquake striking the southern San Andreas fault would cause massive shaking across a wide swath of Southern California from Monterey County to beyond the Mexican border. Such an earthquake would be even larger than the 1906 earthquake of San Francisco, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake that became the nation’s deadliest.

Again, these things do not happen in a vacuum. The risk is real, considering the earthquakes over the last few weeks. In other words, if you live along the west coast of North America, as I do,  you should at the very least put together an emergency bag/cash. In addition to making sure your earthquake insurance is all set.

Are you ready?