Our Declaration of War

Posted by on March 8, 2017 1:33 am
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We can no longer stand in silence as the world we live in falls apart. As a result, we have decided to launch an all out information war against 3 pressing issues we have identified as the most important for the survival and advancement of humanity. They are...

  • War Against the Establishment & Media: Globalization, surveillance, bigger governments, never ending wars, fake news, democrats/republicans, Russia,  etc.... We are sick and tired of it all. We just want peace and prosperity for everyone - as naive as that might sound. Until that happens, we will do our best to point out the dirty underbelly of elite's power structure......
  • War on the FED: Most ills in today's society can be traced back, directly or indirectly, to the FED and their insane monetary policies. Simply put, their policies directly benefit the rich and governments, while destroying the very fabric of traditional Americana. Its middle class. We are launching an all out campaign against the FED in an attempt to discredit their power structure and to stop them from continuous bubble/bust cycle creation and dollar devaluation.
  • War on Cash: It can be argued that cash is the final pillar of freedom and liberty around the world. Take cash away and we are left with power hungry overlords who can trace and control their citizens with a push of a button. And that is precisely what the establishment is trying to do. As the war on cash accelerates over the next few years, we will make a final stand, until they "pry the last paper dollar bill from our dead cold hands".

It's TIME to get ANGRY.

Join our Spartan Army today and fight for what is right.