Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Off Humanity?

Posted by on February 9, 2017 12:27 pm
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Will the machines just take our jobs -OR- will they take our jobs and then kill us all?

That is the fundamental question the folks at Google are trying to figure out.

Google Just Found the One Question It Can't Answer

They have been investigating the conditions in which reward-optimizing beings, whether human or robot, would chose to cooperate, rather than compete. The answer could have implications for how computer intelligence may eventually be deployed to manage complex systems such as an economy, city traffic flows, or environmental policy.

Rather chillingly, however, the researchers found when they tried this same game with more intelligent agents that drew on larger neural networks, a kind of machine intelligence designed to mimic how certain parts of the human brain work -- they would “try to tag the other agent more frequently, i.e. behave less cooperatively, no matter how we vary the scarcity of apples,” they wrote in a blog post on DeepMind’s website.

Fascinating stuff. 

The real question here is whether or not Artificial Intelligence can become self aware. Yes, just like in the movie. If it can, I wouldn't be surprised if it does, indeed, decide to wipe out humanity from the face of this planet. I think an unstoppable urge might appear after watching CNN for just 15 minutes.

With that in mind, I don't think we have to worry about AI just yet. Human beings are just as capable of killing each other. Something we will do on a massive scale in a very near future. As was outlined in my previous work Nuclear World War 3 Is Coming Soon.When, How & Why (Full Report)