Warmongers Still In Control?

Posted by on February 14, 2017 1:44 pm
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Despite President Trump's campaign promises, warmongers in Washington and Europe continue their apparent drive towards war with Russia

NATO forces continue to encircle Russia for "no apparent reason". Consider the latest....

“This deployment is of course a threat for us,” Meshkov said in an interview with RIA Novosti, adding that Moscow is closely following the moves by NATO.

“And who said that it will end with this? We don’t have such information,” the Russian deputy foreign minister added.

The rotation principle used by NATO near Russian borders allows the bloc to train thousands of troops, who could then be put into action, Meshkov said.

“It’s obvious that the steps by NATO gravely increase the risk of incidents [between the alliance and Russian forces],” Meshkov warned.

“For the first time since World War II we see German soldiers along our borders,” he said, referring to the Lithuanian announcement that over 130 German troops, out of the planned 450 servicemen and 100 tanks, have arrived in the country.

Again, what is NATO doing on the Russian border and why hasn't President Trump diffused the situation as per his campaign promises. At least not yet.

This is an important matter to watch from three perspectives.

First, if the policy towards Russia does not change drastically over the next six months, we can assume that the "Shadow Government" is still in control. Despite Mr. Trump's claims to the contrary.

Second, if the situation does not reverse, we can also presume that Trump's other plans will not materialize. At least not in the form desired. Phenomenal tax cuts, repeal of Obamacare, infrastructure spending, etc....

Finally, if this continues some sort of a conflict with Russia will become unavoidable.

As a result, this matter becomes a telling sign going forward. Not only geopoliticaly, but for the stock market as well.