Ukraine Starts A War – Putin Wins Again – McCain Enraged

Posted by on February 3, 2017 11:33 am
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Perhaps the biggest loser in the US Presidential election was Ukraine.

After CIA orchestrated revolution in late 2014, the Obama administration was successful in replacing Ukraine's democratically elected government with one Petro Porochenko.

A well known alcoholic, corrupt businessman, weapons trafficker and a strip club owner. That was followed by Crimea annexation, civil war and subsequent Minsk agreement.


I have no idea. Most likely due to Obama's hate for Russian and/or in an attempt to expand NATO.

Let's get to the latest developments.

Here is the bottom line.

With Obama out of the White House, existing Ukrainian government finds itself on the verge of collapse. Its recent aggression against rebels in East Ukraine might be its last ditch effort to secure support or capital from either the EU or US (now unlikely).

Yet, the final outcome is now a near certainty. Something we predicted close to two years ago. In the very near future, perhaps in a few months, Ukraine will once again fall under Russian influence/control.