Trump Sowing The Seeds Of His Own Downfall

Posted by on February 27, 2017 11:51 am
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Just STUPID. There is not other way to put it.

I have long argued that the first thing President Trump should do is let the market correct and the economy fall into a recessionary environment. Then blame it on Obama and Yellen. Who are of course responsible for today's massive bubbles. In nearly all asset classes. Due to QE, zero interest rates, etc....

Instead, President Trump has decided to take full ownership of today's bubble. Not only that, he has now attached his Presidency to the daily moves on the Dow. Plus, taking credit that for something that has nothing to do with his Presidency. Sheer nonsense and stupidity.

When today's financial bubble raptures, as it surely will, Trump Presidency will go down in smoke with it.

I can nearly assure you that, somewhere out there over the weekend, Obama and Yellen were drinking champagne and laughing at Trump's Tweets. In complete disbelief that he is actually taking credit for their mistakes.