Trump Goes Full Warmonger

Posted by on February 28, 2017 11:56 am
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Well, that didn't take very long.

Donald Trump to propose $54 billion increase in military spending

Mr. Trump’s budget proposal next month will call for setting military spending at the Pentagon some $54 billion, or 10%, above budget caps already set into law for next year. The increase would translate to a funding boost of around $20 billion from current levels and avoid scheduled cuts. Defense hawks in Congress said Monday the increases were insufficient.

As the chart above suggests, the US defense budget is now bigger than the next 10 countries combined. Including China and Russia.

Why the hell would we need to increase military spending at this stage simply baffles me.

To police the wage finance the Military Industrial Complex? 

The answer, of course, is somewhere in the middle, but very much irrelevant. Here is what's not. President Trump is now the puppet of the Military industrial complex and in no way different from those who came before him.

As a result, my support for Mr. Trump just plummeted faster than stock in March of 2000.