MUST Watch: Trump Goes All In With Incredibly Risky Narrative

Posted by on February 16, 2017 11:16 pm
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If you have missed it, President Trump's first press conference is a MUST watch. During the press conference Mr. Trump took credit for all of the positive changes since his inauguration. For instance, the stock market surging to new all time highs. All of the negative issues were blamed on "inheriting a terrible mess". While the media was labeled as out of control and dishonest. Fair enough.

One thing is certain, this press conference was one of kind and historic. No President of the United States has been either so bold or naive. Time will tell. In our view the narrative above is risky and dangerous. In a sense that it only works until it doesn't. The chances of it backfiring is off the scale - as was outlined here Trump Commits Gravest Of All Stock Market Errors – Again.

Interesting times ahead. (Trump's conference starts at 1:04.30)