Merkel: Last One To Get The Boot???

Posted by on February 2, 2017 1:17 pm
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Merkel, the destroyer of Germany, might be finally forced to face the music. At the very least, she now faces a serious contender.

Merkel’s Challenger Leads Social Democrats to German Poll Boost

Support for Germany’s Social Democrats jumped to the highest level in almost four years in a poll that underscores the party’s revival after it picked Martin Schulz as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s election challenger.

While all polls suggest Merkel’s bloc will win the most votes, Schulz’s surprise candidacy is mobilizing support for a party that’s trailed her for more than a decade ahead of the Sept. 24 election. Schulz, 61, has indicated he’ll run on a platform of reducing inequality and easing austerity in the euro area. He hasn’t ruled out allying with the opposition Green and the anti-capitalist Left parties to lead a government and break out of the SPD’s role as Merkel’s junior coalition partner.

I have a very poor read on German politics, but I would suggest one simple twist to Schulz's platform. Anti-immigration. Most of the Germans I have spoken to over the last few months are fed up with Merkel's open borders policy. So much so that I believe this simple twist can propel Schulz to an unlikely victory.