Mark Zuckerberg Appoints Himself As The Chief “Globalizer”

Posted by on February 17, 2017 12:29 am
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Well, 2016 was not a good year for globalization. First, the UK decided to leave the EU, dealing a major blow to Brussels wet dreams.  Then, President Trump swept to victory with his "Make America Great Again" slogan. Now, France, Germany and Italy are revolting as well.

But worry not, freeloaders worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg has a plan to put us all back on the path to globalization euphoria.

Today we are close to taking our next step. Our greatest opportunities are now global -- like spreading prosperity and freedom, promoting peace and understanding, lifting people out of poverty, and accelerating science. Our greatest challenges also need global responses -- like ending terrorism, fighting climate change, and preventing pandemics. Progress now requires humanity coming together not just as cities or nations, but also as a global community.

This is especially important right now. Facebook stands for bringing us closer together and building a global community. When we began, this idea was not controversial. Every year, the world got more connected and this was seen as a positive trend. Yet now, across the world there are people left behind by globalization, and movements for withdrawing from global connection. There are questions about whether we can make a global community that works for everyone, and whether the path ahead is to connect more or reverse course.

Blah....blah....blah. If you hate globalization as much as we do, it might be time to short Facebook (FB)  Twitter’s (TWTR) Demise Was Predictable. Is Facebook (FB) Next?