Hollywood Scum Does Not Get This Yet, But…..

Posted by on February 27, 2017 11:46 pm
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.....no one really cares about what they think. Certainly not Middle America.

It has been quite a while since anything of value has come out of Hollywood. Maybe I am weird, but I don't tend to find  computer generated superhero movies or "farting" comedies even remotely entertaining.

As a result, perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that Oscar ratings fall to a nine-year low

The 2016 ceremony hosted by Chris Rock hit an 8-year ratings low. The Oscars have seen a slide in viewership since 2014 pulled in 43.7 million viewers. The best Picture winner that year was “12 Years a Slave.” When “Birdman” won in 2015, 37.5 million people tuned in. Last year’s winner was “Spotlight.”

I have some advice for the above crowd. Shut your mouth, go to work and start putting out great movies.

And if you have ever had a doubt that Hollywood Elites have disconnected from any sort of a reality, consider their $100K gift baskets.

We looked inside the $100,000 gift bag Oscar nominees take home, and it's beyond extravagant

Nothing says I support "common man" more than taking home more in gifts in one night than an average American family makes in a year. Right?

Keep it up Hollywood and you might one day take the place of French Aristocrats.