Find Out Why The Gold Bottom Is NOT Yet In

Posted by on February 11, 2017 12:55 am
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Investors are once again extremely excited about gold. Thanks to President Trump and $100 an ounce move over the last few weeks. According to some, this is it. Gold is about to spike higher and go through the roof. For instance.....

Stanley Druckenmiller seems poised to make a killing on gold

Initial glance at the chart points to that possibility as well. After all, it is possible that we saw the actual bottom in late 2015. A break above $1,400 would arguable confirm the uptrend and we would be off to the races.


Not so fast. My partner Matt Demeter mathematical work suggests Gold hasn't bottomed yet. That we will still push below 2015. So confident he is in his work that he is offering the following deal.

Even though Gold has been doing quite well over the last few weeks/months, the long-term bottom is not yet in. As a result, my partner Matt Demeter is trying something incredibly unique in this market. He is putting his money where his mouth is.

Those who buy gold at the bottom of this bear market will make fortunes.  I know the exact price of that bottom and I will share it with you for less than the cost of a tank of gas.  BUT, I don't want a dime unless I’m proven right…
Gold Bottom Call

Dear Fellow Investor,

I'm Matt Demeter of Demeter Research.  I take pride in making ultra-precise calls in macro markets.  Using the mathematical symmetry found in all market patterns, my methods allow me to determine the precise points where bull and bear markets terminate, and my track record proves it.

During the precious metals bear market of the past four years, I have become increasingly frustrated with the fundamental gurus and newsletter writers who have no concrete idea of where gold will make its final bear market bottom but routinely insist each new short-term low is the final low because gold is "too cheap and couldn't possibly go lower."

People actually pay for this horribly imprecise and unprofitable information.  So I have decided to do something novel.  I will share with you the exact price at which gold will bottom and if I'm wrong, you pay nothing.  To me, that's the only fair way to do business.

If you'd like to learn more about Demeter Research's Gold Bottom Call, please click here.