Here Is Why You Should Buy Stocks Today – 10 Reasons

Posted by on February 23, 2017 12:31 am
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  1. Consensus Inc. Bullish Sentiment: 75%
  2. NYSE Put/Call Ratio: 0.80x
  3. CBOE’s equity volatility index (VIX): 11.5x — The S&P’s 65-dat rolling volatility is at a record low (this typically occurs ahead of a corrective phase)
  4. Market Vane Bullish Sentiment: 68%
  5. Forward P/E multiple: 18x; and the trailing is at 21x — in the top quintile of historical valuations
  6. Investors Intelligence Sentiment: 61.8% bulls; 17.6% bears
  7. The 14-day relative strength index has moved to 77.4, above the 70 level widely viewed as being an “overbought” threshold
  8. The S&P 500 has now gapped up nearly 8% above its 200 day moving average, another sign of an overextended stock market.
  9. Earnings expectations have significantly lagged market price action — in fact, according to S&P Capital IQ data, analyst EPS projections for 2017 have actually dipped a little to $130.31 from $131.02 three months ago.
  10. The S&P 500 has already climbed above year-end targets for well over half of the Wall Street strategists out there.

What can possibly go wrong?