Shocking: CNN Promotes Trump Assassination

Posted by on January 20, 2017 11:54 am
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Fake news leader CNN has really jumped the shark by promoting, perhaps even encouraging, the assassination of President Trump. This is truly a new low.

Because none of Trump’s Cabinet picks have been confirmed by the Senate yet, the above scenario would result in acting Secretary of State Thomas Shannon becoming the new president.

Shannon currently serves as undersecretary of state for political affairs. Incoming White House spokesman Sean Spicer confirmed on Thursday that Shannon was among some 50 Obama administration officials who will not be replaced right away, in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the US government during the transition.

CNN’s report drew criticism from the conservative news organization Breitbart, who accused the network of “dreaming up scenarios whereby the Obama administration can keep power.” Many Trump supporters were outraged as well.

The report is unlikely to endear CNN to the Trump administration. Just last week, Trump blasted CNN as “fake news” during a press conference in New York City, refusing to take a question from the network’s reporter Jim Acosta.


The new low. CNN discusses what would happen if PEOTUS and VPEOTUS are killed on

Freedom of press is important, but hypothesizing about assassination of an elected president is not freedom of press. Its dangerous lunacy


This isn’t the first chyron controversy for CNN. In November, the network was flooded with angry comments after its coverage of white nationalist Richard Spencer included a chyron that said “Alt-right founder questions if Jews are people.”

That was a reference to Spencer using the phrase “soulless golems” in a speech at his organization’s conference in Washington, DC. While most critics denounced the chyron as anti-Semitic and attacked network for ever posting it, others pointed out that it was factually wrong as well. On this particular occasion, Spencer was not referring to Jews, but questioning the humanity and intelligence of mainstream media reporters.