What You Ought To Know About Staying Out Of Politics

Posted by on January 30, 2017 11:57 pm
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If you are sane person or a company, it pays to observe the insanity from the sideline. 

As recent elections clearly showed the US is about evenly split in half. With highly agitated, even violent people on both sides of the fence.

Just consider the latest violet actions against people or companies who dare to chose sides.

Starbucks’ Pledge to Hire Refugees Meets Boycott Threat

Starbucks Corp. is facing threats of a boycott from some customers after Chairman and Chief Executive Howard Schultz promised to hire 10,000 refugees globally over the next five years.

Foolishness and Hypocrisy of #DeleteUber

#DeleteUber is asocial media protest against Uber. The protest surged following a New York City taxi impromptu strike at JFK airport following the Trump order banning air travel from seven nations.

Let’s dissect the stupidity and hypocrisy of the #DeleteUber movement because there is plenty of it going around.



The Financial Times’s Gillian Tetttold CNBC this morning that although the C.E.O.s she’s spoken to have privately expressed being upset about the order, they fear retribution for speaking out. Andrew Ross Sorkin said he’d had “similar conversations with executives over the weekend, all of whom . . . seemed to be upset about at least the implementation of this program [but] they’re scared out of their minds about being attacked.”


Elon Musk’s Trump Outreach Is Angering The Resistance

America’s clean-energy icon—the founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX—riled up many of his supporters this weekend by offering a decidedly tepid criticism of President Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim nations. 

Here are my two cents, and they are worth just about as much.

It is time for Americans on both sides to unite and grow the fuck up. Let President Trump do his job first. If he fails miserably and/or damages the U.S.A in any way, pick up your signs and stage protests.

For now, unity is the only solution. If today's environment continues, the country will be pushed towards some sort of a civil war or civil unrest at the very least. And no one benefits from that.