Can America and Russia Be Friends Again?

Posted by on January 17, 2017 12:37 am
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If you haven't heard, war criminal-in-chief Obama is amassing American troops on the Russian border. Apparently to "protect" its EU/NATO allies. If my memory servers me right, Hitler did exactly the same in June of 1941.

‘Russophobic hysteria now backed up by massive US troop movements in Europe’

We live in dangerous times, where the behavior espoused by Obama and Clinton has been extremely dangerous, says former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray.

Russian hackers have found themselves at the center of yet another controversy, thus helping to fuel the latest round Russophobia.

A Russian-language version of a new, highly-anticipated episode of Sherlock was leaked online before its first official airing, leading to all sorts of conspiracies.

The BBC, which owns the rights to show Sherlock, says it will carry out a full investigation of the incident.

RT: What do you think of the claim that Russia keeps a dossier on key British MPs?

Craig Murray: It seems to me unlikely. Of course there are spies – all countries more or less have spies. Russia has spies, America has spies, Britain has spies. I suppose these people have to do something to justify their salaries and the enormous cost of their organization. There is a certain amount of nonsense that goes on. But I really don’t think that Russia spends a great deal of its time keeping dossiers on British politicians with incriminating photographs and that sort of thing. I think it is a very 1950’s idea.

RT:  Like in the hacking scandal, no real evidence has been put forward. Is it now acceptable to just forget about evidence?

CM: It seems quite remarkable the number of claims that we’ve seen. The so-called hacking scandal, then the wider claims from that absolutely unbelievable dossier apparently compiled by Christopher Steele about meetings where people can prove they were nowhere near the meeting; about people being sacked who weren’t sacked, and all kinds of absolutely fact-free nonsense, which the media then claims as unverifiable.

Actually, it was very verifiable – you could easily verify it wasn’t true. And now we have this stuff. I think anti-Russian stories using a secret source are going to be with us for some time. You’ve got to remember that the military and the security services have to justify their enormous budgets, and that is what this is all about

That is to say, January 20th cannot come fast enough. 

The troubling part about all of this is its timing. Will the Obama criminal organization use this week to start some sort of a war with Russia? In their twisted attempt to declare some sort of a state of emergency in their last bid to avoid Mr. Trump's inauguration?

Anything is possible in this crazy world.

One thing is certain, there will be a major deescalation between Russia and the US as soon as President-elect Trump assumes control. Who knows, perhaps we can even work closely together in an attempt to defeat ISIS and other Obama/Clinton financed terrorist organizations..

Let's just hope the next five days remain uneventful.