Where’s The Beef?

Over the last 20-30 years, the US Government in conjunction with the mainstream media have lied to the Americans people.

  • We bombed a hospital? – Trust us, there were terrorist inside.
  • Sadam has weapons of mass destruction? – Trust us, we are 100% sure.
  • It is outrageous to think that we spy on the American people – Trust us…..

You get the picture as the list above very quickly turns infinite.

Today its an all out attack on President Trump. Consider the following…….. Continue reading

Is There Money In Electric Motorcycle Technology?

I love riding motorcycles. 

Electric cars and buses have already begun to take over the world, as evidenced by daily sightings of EV brands like Tesla, Prius, Bolt and Proterra on U.S. roads. But two-wheeled EVs are still a rare sight. The motorcycle industry has been much slower to put out all-electric and hybrid models relative to peers in automotive.

To get the latest on the industry and what the future holds (investment and/or fun) click on the link below or watch the video.

Zero Motorcycles CTO Abe Askenazi on the future of two-wheeled EVs

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Can Trump Follow Nixon’s Trajectory?

Whether it is the fake Russia connection or Trump’s wiretapping claims. Perception is oftentimes more important than reality. If the mainstream media is able to convince Americans that Trump has broken the law, even if he didn’t, Mr. Trump might be weeks away from following Nixon’s trajectory. Continue reading

Flying Taxis In Singapore

Flying vehicles may just be a part of Singapore’s transport network in the near future; in fact, the Ministry of Transport says that you can “bet your money” on it.
It has already taken initial steps to make it happen. The ministry’s top official has told The Business Times that it is in talks with some companies to start trials on drones that can carry passengers. Continue reading

Daily Stock Market Update & Forecast – March 23rd, 2017 – Elliott Wave Edition

Short-Term: It appears the S&P might have completed its intermediary wave 3. If so, the market is now correcting in an intermediary wave 4. Once wave 4 is completed, the market will push higher, perhaps to a new all time high in wave 5 of (5). If true, the above count should terminate the bull market. Continue reading

Too Many Dollar Bears?

It is also important to remind you that commercials are short the dollar net 60K contracts. That suggests they anticipate the dollar to continue its move down.

At the same juncture it is not that easy.

Certain technical indicators suggest that the US Dollar might be consolidating just prior to its final push higher. It might be tracing out an A-B-C Elliott Wave correcting pattern prior to staging its next leg up.

Which case is playing out?  Continue reading

Americans Kick The Bucket With $62,000 In Debt – On Average

Are there debt collectors in heaven?

Here is an unconventional financial advice you won’t hear anywhere else. If you are thinking about dying, this is your last chance to “stick it to the man” in a corrupt financial system structured to benefit only the rich. Then laugh about it from the up above. Continue reading

Is Trump’s First Ass Whooping Scheduled For Tomorrow?

As we discussed yesterday, Trump’s “Ryan Care” is one giant smelly pile of garbage. Perhaps even much worse than the original Obamacare bill – time will tell. We talked about it here Hey Trump, “Ryancare” Is A Piece Of Shit – We Are All Watching

Most importantly, failure tomorrow will put the rest of Trump’s promises into jeopardy. Most notably, his “phenomenal” tax cut plan. Which has been one of the primary drivers of today’s stock market rally. ….. Continue reading

The Dow 20K, 20 Trillion In Debt & NO 2K In Your Bank Account

It’s the Fed bashing time.

I am a firm believer that people should know whom to blame. When today’s financial Ponzi scheme of historic proportions blows sky high, and it will, it is important that American citizens drag the right people to the proverbial guillotines. Continue reading